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Garage door Repair in Baytown Texas

We provides Garage Door Repair, Installation And Maintenance Services In Baytown TX

The Grandest Garage Door Service Provider

Grand Garage Door Repair has been the number one garage door service provider in all of Baytown, Texas. We are capable of handling all garage door problems. Grand offers technical repairs, parts replacement, full installation and maintenance services. We started out as a small family- owned company in Baytown. We started on the early 2000s and we only provided limited services. We mostly did everything by hand. Now, we use innovative machineries and tools to accomplish our task for the community. We maintain the top- quality and high standards of our services and how we provide them. We focus on customer satisfaction and that is only possible if we exerted a lot of effort in what we do. We are in the middle of expanding our business reach and we are planning on opening up offices in other states.

So, are you have trouble with your garage door? Is there something wrong with the garage door cable? Are the panels properly aligned along the metal tracks? Is your garage door spring going to hold out much longer or will it snap any minute? The problem these days about this business is that most homeowners are passive when it comes to attending to the technical needs of their garage doors. That’s right, your garage door needs love just like your new car. Garage Doors Baytown are in good shape, most of them. This is because we see to it that the people are aware of what could happen if their garage door comes crushing down.

Garage Doors Baytown – What could go wrong?

People are probably passive because they don’t see any problem with their garage door. They push the button to open the garage door and it opens. However, do you notice anything unusual or different? Is it taking longer than usual for your garage door to open? Does your garage door make an annoying sound? Not the chain drive, but a squeaky, rusty sound? There are more indications telling you that something is wrong. An outdated garage door could mean danger for you, your properties and your family. The garage door is a heavy contraption that can cause serious damage to a vehicle and severe injuries to people. Most problems start with rusty cables not being able to support the garage door springs. If that happens, the springs will immediately snap and the garage door will come crashing down.

Now, talking about security. Based on our opinion and experience, it is easy to disassemble a garage door within minutes. We tried it ourselves. We were able to fully disassemble and remove garage door panels within 20 minutes. Now what if robbers figured that out? We have stumbled over police reports of several property crimes. The burglars found their way through the garage door. This is why we encourage everyone to seek out professional services for their garage doors and their own security. Garage door repair Baytown TX is in good hands with Grand in business.

What we do

Our Great Services In Baytown Texas


Our new installation service include a complete quality installation of a big range of premium garage doors and parts.


We work with all the different garage door brands and have the tools and products to ensure that your garage works properly.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:


A professional garage door company like us can handle your garage door maintenance properly and your worries be gone.

Garage Door Repair Baytown TX – Breakdown of Services

We provide repairs, replacements, installation and maintenance services. The first part of our service is a thorough inspection. The inspection is to check if all parts are functioning well and a test run if the garage door mechanism is in good shape. If we notice anything wrong, damaged or outdated, we immediately inform the owners. If a certain part is still in good shape and just needs a little tightening up, we will stick with repair jobs. However, some problems require new parts and repairs just won’t do. We will be honest to our customers with our inspection report. This is because, we have the opportunity to make more money if we decided to take another road. That will never happen, now back to our services. We can replace whatever parts you want replaced. The thing about replacements is that, the new parts to be put up should be suited to the garage doors’ structure. For example, a heavy garage door needs thick cables. Single panel garage doors work well with plastic rollers. That kind of stuff. The supplies we use for replacement services are manufactured by the best factories in Texas. In order to provide the best, we need the best resources. Installation services is the same with replacement, only it comes in bundles. We change several parts and in some cases, the entire garage door. We recommend this service for people who have really old garage doors but still kicking. We promise to give you good deals with great results. Our maintenance job is kind of like a checkup appointment. You can give us a call if you want your garage door observed any time. Once again, Garage door repair Baytown Tx is in good hands with Grand in business.

Garage Doors  – Grand’s gratitude to Baytown

We won’t we in this position if not for the people of Baytown. Baytown is a small city with almost 71,000 residents. This where we started and this community gave us our big break. Garage Doors Baytown was where most garage doors in bad shape were fixed. Mainly because there weren’t many garage door service providers in the city. We have served most of those residents and we always gave it our best efforts. We are looking forward to opening up in other cities and states in the future. Pretty soon, Grand Garage Door Repair will be recognized all over the country.

For more information about our services and company background, visit our website. You can also click on the FAQ’s page for quick answers you need. If you want to avail of our services, our phone lines are open 24/7 and will accommodate everyone. If you want to discuss everything in person, our doors are always open. Let’s spend time brainstorming on how we can strengthen your garage door for the sake of your family’s security. So what are you waiting for? Our services are only a phone call away. If you want to call us in the middle of the night, no problem.

What our customers say

“I really loved the way you worked and my garage door was fixed and was operating smooth as it never was!”

Jane Smith

My garage door didn’t open early morning and I need an immediate fix to the problem. You really professional Company! Thanks”

John Brown

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